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Our team of experienced ENT Consultants offer high quality reports across all sub-specialties at competitive rates. We can agree capped or fixed fees and can turn reports around quickly, with complete quality assurance.


We have a range of flexible options to allow you to progress a claim efficiently and cost-effectively. We can provide the following services:

  • Audiometry only (with Senior Audiologist)

  • Audiometry, as above, with expert commentary on causation from an ENT Consultant

  • Full Pursuer report

  • Full Defender report


Our Consultants can provide high quality medico-legal reports on a full range of ENT related personal injury claims, including:

  • Head Injuries, causing ENT symptoms

  • Neck and airway trauma

  • Acoustic trauma


We have ENT Consultants across the country and across the range of sub-specialties. This helps to avoid of conflicts of interest, as we can provide a consultant who operates in a different geographical area from the subject of a clinical negligence case.

We can offer Pursuer or Defender reports on any alleged ENT related medical negligence claims, including:

  • Investigation and treatment of Head and Neck Cancer

  • Investigation and treatment of ENT conditions, such as:

    • Otology (ear) surgery

    • Rhinology (nasal) surgery

    • Benign neck surgery (parotid, thyroid surgery)

    • ENT related meningitis


Please contact us with any ENT related queries and we would be happy to help.

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